Ultimate Cutting Cycle

Ultimate Cutting Cycle

The Ultimate Cutting Cycle is one of the elite cycles we offer at Online Legal Steroids. It's pound for pound the best for cutting up your physique in a short period of time. Considered the best steroid cutting cycle for bodybuilding and steroid enthusiasts. Many of our clients who have experience with anabolic steroids will skip our standard Cutting Cycle and go straight to the Ultimate Cutting Cycle. For bodybuilding and muscle shaping the cutting cycle is important for overall symmetry and muscle clarity. Expect great muscle pumps at the gym that will last throughout the day when using our Ultimate Cutting Cycle. Our Ultimate Cutting Cycle compares to the strength of anabolic steroids such as Winstrol-V, Deca-Durabolin, and Primobolan. We believe the Ultimate Cutting Cycle offers the best combination of muscle enhancers on the market for legal steroids online. The combination of Dura 50, Strol-V, and Primo Orals will give you a more shredded harder look to your muscles. If you have used our bulking cycles, it may be time to start cutting up the gains you made with either the Cutting Cycle, or with our Ultimate Cutting Cycle.

Week Strol-V Dura-50 Primo Orals
1 1 tabs/5days 1 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days
2 2 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days
3 3 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days 2 tabs/5days
4 3 tabs/5days 3 caps/5days 3 tabs/5days
5 2 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days 2 tabs/5days
6 1 caps/5days 1 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days

*Take dosages Monday through Friday

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