Ultimate Bulking Cycle

Ultimate Bulking Cycle

The Ultimate Bulking Cycle is absolutely one of the most explosive methods of gaining a tremendous amount of muscle rapidly. Considered the best steroid bulking cycle on the market without a doubt. We have gotten great feedback over the past two years about the Ultimate Bulking Cycle because of it's awesome muscle building effects our clients get after a 6 week cycle. With the potential of gaining up to 40 pounds of muscle without water retention is what makes this legal steroid cycle so unique. Bodybuilding got easier with the kind of enhancement and advantage you can get using the Ultimate Bulking Cycle. Online Legal Steroid sells more Ultimate Bulking Cycle than any other product mostly because of word of mouth. Use of the Ultimate Bulking Cycle not only helps put on muscle quickly, but helps gain a tremendous amount of strength in the process. Bodybuilders using this bulking cycle got 40-50% stronger in only the first two weeks of use. The Ultimate Bulking Cycle is compared to anabolic steroids such as Anadrol, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, and Primobolan. The products used in the Ultimate Bulking Cycle are Thai 25, Thai 50, Dura 50, and Primo Orals. This combination of legal steroids is for advanced users who have experience with our other cycles. For Beginner's just starting off, it would be better to start off with the Beginner's Cycle.

Week Thai 50 Thai 25 Dura-50 Primo Orals
1 2 tabs/5days 2 tabs/5days 1 caps/5days  
2 2 tabs/5days 2 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days  
3 3 tabs/5days 3 tabs/5days 3 caps/5days  
4 3 tabs/5days 3 tabs/5days 3 caps/5days 3 tabs/5days
5 2 tabs/5days 2 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days 2 tabs/5days
6     1 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days

*Take dosages Monday through Friday

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