Cutting Cycle

Cutting Cycle

For those wishing to cut up for a more muscular look, than the cutting cycle is a great way to achieve this appearance. Legal anabolic steroids are at an all time height of popularity, especially our cutting cycles for bodybuilding. Most of our bodbuilding members we have on staff at Online Legal Steroids would agree that the cutting cycle happens to be a favorite among their bodybuilding peers and steroid enthusiasts. Most of our clients have used winstrol and primobolan to achieve similar results that you would get from our legal steroid cutting cycle. The similarities are very close, as most our our bodybuilder clients would agree. Bodybuilding and fat loss is the goal when using our cutting cycle, which will result in an increase in metabolism and create a smoother harder look to the muscle. Even women have used our cutting cycle with great success over the years. Women like the fact that our legal steroids for cutting are much safer to use than the harsher anabolic steroids you would find on the black market. There is also a sense of safety when using our products because they are manufactured in an FDA approve lab. Black market steroids for cutting have be known to be counterfeit, so Online Legal Steroid certainly makes sense for safety and legitimate reasons. For advance bodybuilding, we offer the ultimate cutting cycle. Please see our webpage for Ultimate Cutting. Whatever your choice may be, you are sure to get fantastic results from our online legal steroids.

Week Dura-50 Primo Orals
1 1 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days
2 2 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days
3 3 caps/5days 2 tabs/5days
4 3 caps/5days 3 tabs/5days
5 2 caps/5days 2 tabs/5days
6 1 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days

*Take dosages Monday through Friday

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