Beginners Cycle

Beginners Cycle

The Beginner's Cycle is a legal steroid cycle that was developed for bodybuilders who are just starting off with weight training using cycles and stacks. Starting off with the Beginner's Cycle is really a great way to gain solid muscle quickly without the side effects you would expect from androgenic anabolic steroid cycles. Legal steroids such as Thai 25, Primo Orals, and Dura-50 is the stack used within the Beginner's Cycle. For Beginner's this happens to be the perfect cycle for those seeking to bulk up with gains of 20-25 pounds of solid muscle. The Beginner's Cycle is classified as a bulking cycle that bodybuilders stay on for a 6 week duration. Most athletes will get the muscle gains they desire within the 6 week cycle. After a Beginner's Cycle, some bodybuilders will opt to start a cutting cycle to get a more defined look from what they have gained already from the previous cycle. Online Legal Steroids is the only service online that offers pharmaceutical grade muscle enhancers for both hardcore bulking and cutting.

Week Thai 25 Dura-50 Primo Orals
1 2 tabs/5days 1 caps/5days  
2 2 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days  
3 3 tabs/5days 3 caps/5days  
4 3 tabs/5days 3 caps/5days 3 tabs/5days
5 3 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days 2 tabs/5days
6   1 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days

*Take dosages Monday through Friday

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