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Advanced Cycle

Online Legal Steroids has developed the Advanced Cycle for bodybuilders seeking to make big gains quickly. We offer this particular legal steroid cycle for bulking up and adding high density muscle within a 6 week course. Not even many anabolic steroids can deliver the results you can achieve from our legal steroid stacks, especially the Advanced Cycle. The Advanced Cycle is one of our most popular stacks because it has been strategically designed to add muscle at a record pace. The biochemists that have helped Online Legal Steroids develop our line of legal steroids have a proven track record of producing some of the most potent anabolic agents on the market today.The Advanced Cycle consists of some of the most potent legal steroid agents that are almost impossible to find anywhere. Online Legal Steroids is the only source that offers these compounds online, or anywhere else for that matter. The Advanced Cycle consists of 3 bulking up agents that are sure to make an awesome impact on your physic in only a short period of time. Steroid cycles and stacks are used by some of the most elite athletes in the world for only one reason, because they work! Our cycles for bulking and cutting have only the highest grade pharmaceutical compounds available on the market today. The Advanced Cycle is a six week cycle that has a combination of 3 legal steroids called Thai-50, Dura 50, and Primo Orals. For bodybuilders looking for muscle building agents that can put on 30-35 pounds of muscle fast, than the Advanced Cycle can do wonders.

Week Thai 50 Dura-50 Primo Orals
1 2 tabs/5days 1 caps/5days  
2 2 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days  
3 3 tabs/5days 3 caps/5days  
4 3 tabs/5days 3 caps/5days 3 tabs/5days
5 3 tabs/5days 2 caps/5days 2 tabs/5days
6   1 caps/5days 1 tabs/5days

*Take dosages Monday through Friday

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