There are many different bodybuilding routines out there in the bodybuilding world – you could enter a gym and every bodybuilder there could be doing a different muscle building workout routine – but there are certain rules that every bodybuilder should live by when doing their bodybuilding routines for mass.

1. Avoid Overtraining During Muscle Building Routines

A major problem affecting many lifters during their bodybuilding routines is overtraining. Overtraining stems from ignoring warning signs that suggest you should cut back on, or all together stop, your current bodybuilding routine for mass.

Symptoms of overtraining can include elevated waking pulse rate, elevated morning blood pressure, increased joint and muscle aches, headaches and tremors, tiredness, listlessness, insomnia, loss or decrease in appetite, injury, illness, chronic fatigue, insatiable thirst or dehydration, susceptibility to illness, frequent minor infections and altered function of the endocrine, immune, and central nervous systems, increased apathy and irritability, mood and sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, and reduced ability to concentrate.

Ways to prevent overtraining during your muscle building workout routines include: limiting muscle building routine training sessions to 45-minutes or less, making gradual increases in training intensity over a period of time rather than working maximally from the outset of your bodybuilding routine, and eating a nutritious diet with sufficient vitamins, minerals and protein.

2. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is crucial to a successful muscle building workout routine for many reasons. Sleep assists protein synthesis and helps to mentally recharge the lifter for their next bodybuilding routine for mass training session. It also assists the manufacturing of testosterone and growth hormones. 7-9 hours of sleep per night is considered an adequate amount for bodybuilders. For help getting to sleep try listening to relaxing music, going to bed at the same time each night, and avoiding sleep medications, alcohol and cigarettes.

3. Develop A Positive Mental Attitude

Thinking positively will enhance your muscle building routine in a number of ways. The quality of training will improve during your bodybuilding routine for mass if you can approach each session with confidence and the expectation that you will achieve your training goals. If you have any negative feelings, they will take your mind off of your bodybuilding routine and have a negative impact. Visualize greatness, associate with positive people and practice positive self-affirmation to achieve success in your muscle building routine.


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